Green Sky Photography- Want to get high??? or 0414909881

Green Sky is a Brisbane based Aerial Photography and marketing business who offer a large range of professional and affordable services to retail, commercial and personal clients.

Green Sky offer numerous photography and video packages covering a wide range of assets including residential, industrial, commercial, marine, landscape even your wedding.

Green Sky can assist you with all size projects. We can photograph/video anything you need, both up high or down low.

Green Sky are used by many consultants, facility managers, estate agents to conduct and assist building inspections, technical due diligence reports.

When it comes to marketing, our marketing team have over 20 years experience and can make you and your project look great! We help you build a marketing plan and forward strategy, we review your current plan, we can copy write, handle your PR, social media, billboard marketing, cinema advertising or TV commercials.

If you want to chat about want to do, contact Jamie on 0414909881 to discuss your scope requirements and timing today.

How It Works