Ninox Robotics

Long range, long endurance, military grade fixed wing UAVs

Ninox Robotics delivers practical information in real-time, and comprehensive post-flight data with long range military grade fixed wing UAVs.

Our services are well suited for operations over extensive areas, or where an area must be covered fast and frequently. A team can be deployed to almost any location in Australia.

The two main payloads we utilise are a high resolution mapping camera and a dual thermal/optical video streaming system.

Survey & Mapping:
– Orthorectified mosaics (up to 1cm/pixel)
– Elevation models
– Point cloud data

Thermal/Optical Video Streaming:
– Emergency response
– Fire management
– Search and rescue
– Infrastructure and asset inspection
– Biosecurity management

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  1. I have found the data to be clean and well presented. The orthophotos are very clear and of a high quality. Credit to your team at Ninox Robotics.

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